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Support St. Andrew's in HFCRD's ADVENTure Contest!

The St. Andrew's art club has the first entry in the ADVENTure Contest hosted by the Holy Family Catholic Regional Division.  The first week of Advent began on Sunday December 3rd, and the theme is Keep Awake!  St. Andrew’s and HFCRD invite you to reflect on this theme: are you keeping awake and watching for the many ways that God shows up in your life?  Our lives are blessed by God’s presence every single day, and for the first week of Advent, we invite you to be present and to be grateful for all the ways God blesses you.


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The school with the most likes on all 3 social media platforms will win a pizza party for the winning class and $100 donation to the charity of their choice.  The enrolment of the school will also be factored in to determine the winner to make things fair for all schools.

Contest information:

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