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St. Andrew’s is a Catholic K-12 school with a population of approximately 600 students and 60 staff. We believe in promoting Christian values throughout our school. Our school provides a full complement of core academics, fine arts, technology, CTS and physical education. At St. Andrew’s we strive to make a safe and productive environment for all of our students and staff; to provide them with a place they feel confident and comfortable to strive to be the best they can be.

Parking Lot Safety Enhancement

Please be aware that our School Occupational Health and Safety committee has identified the practice of dropping off students and the public through traffic in our east parking lot a Health and Safety issue. The committee has received reports of near misses and vehicle collisions in the parking lot.  As a result of an investigation into the reports and working in conjunction with our School Division, the east parking lot will be designated as a staff only parking lot.

Parents are invited to drop off their children off along the town sidewalk in front of the school in the zone marked in yellow for this purpose.  Please ensure that the crosswalk in front of the main doors is the path that all follow to access the school.

Those parents and guests wishing to visit the school, have two choices for parking:  Park on the street outside of the drop off zone marked in yellow, or park in the south most gravel parking lot.  Access to this lot is via the south-most entrance in front of the school.  This parking lot is identified with signs.

In order to support this change, a team of staff members will be on-site in vests to guide parents and guests for the first two weeks of the school year.

Thank you for your support of this effort to make our school safer.

Employment Opportunitiy

St. Andrew's School invites applications for full time, temporary educational assistant, to work with Special Needs students.

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